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Nameless Mirage Band 13 nameless Released in 2017. Known for their heavy rock grunge style, this acoustic original really displays the wide range of talent that they possess. Please visit them at: or on facebook.
Narrow Daylight Diana Krall narrow daylight Released in 2004. "Narrow Daylight" was a Juno Award winning, hit song from Diana Krall's multi-platinum selling LP: The Girl In The Other Room. The LP reached # 1 in Canada, and Top 10 in 8 other countries.
New Girl Now Honeymoon Suite New Girl Now Released in 1984. Honeymoon Suite's first single: "New Girl Now" is certified as Gold, from their Platinum selling self titled debut LP.
New Orleans King Biscuit Boy new orleans Released in 1975. After leaving the band: Crowbar, King Biscuit Boy from Hamilton Ontario, had a hit single with "New Orleans".
New York City Demics New York City Released in 1979. "New York City" is the most famous song by the Demics. In 1996, Chart Magazine named it: The Greatest Canadian Song Of All Time.
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature Guess Who No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature Released in 1970. "No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature" was a hit song by the Guess Who, that was a combination of two shorter songs, both written in F#.
No Time Guess Who no time Released in 1969. "No Time" was a # 1, million-selling single from their LP: American Woman, for the Guess Who.
Nobody's Supposed To Be Here Deborah Cox Nobody's Supposed<BR>To Be Here Released in 1998. From her Platinum-selling LP: One Wish, the hit song "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here" by Deborah Cox, held the # 1 position for 14 weeks.
Nova Heart Spoons Nova Heart Released in 1982. "Nova Heart" was the first single from their LP: Arias & Symphonies, and it was their first Top 40 hit.
Ocean Pearl 54-40 Ocean Pearl Released in 1994. "Ocean Pearl" reached #22 on the RPM Top Singles Chart. It's from 54-40's Platinum selling LP: Smilin' Buddha Cabaret.
Oh What A Feeling Crowbar Oh What A Feeling Released in 1971. "Oh What a Feeling" was a Top 10 Hit in Canada by: Crowbar, from Hamilton Ontario.
On The Loose Saga On The Loose Released in 1981. "On The Loose" was a Top 10 hit single from Saga's platinum-selling LP: Worlds Apart.
One Dance Drake FM Released in 2016. "One Dance" from Drake's 4x Platinum-selling LP: Views, was the # 1 song in 15 countries, and has been streamed online over 1 billion times!
One Fine Morning Lighthouse One Fine Morning Released in 1971. "One Fine Morning" was Lighthouse's highest charting hit, reaching # 2 in Canada and # 24 in the USA.
One Thing Finger Eleven One Thing Released in 2003. "One Thing" was Finger Eleven's first placing on the US Hot 100 Chart, at #16. Their self titled LP reached Gold status in the USA and Platinum in Canada.
One Time Justin Bieber one time Released In 2009. "One Time" was Justin Bieber's first big hit. It became an International multi-Platinum selling hit song and charted in at least 15 countries.
One Tin Soldier Original Caste One Tin Soldier Released in 1969. "One Tin Soldier" was a # 1 Hit for the Original Caste. It was also covered by and became a hit for: Coven, and Skeeter Davis.
One Week Barenaked Ladies One Week Released in 1998. "One Week" is the most popular song by Barenaked Ladies, and was a # 1 Hit song. It's from their LP: Stunt.
Oowatanite April Wine Oowatanite Released in 1975. "Oowatanite" is from the Double Platinum selling LP: Stand Back, and is a huge fan favorite!
Painted Ladies Ian Thomas Painted Ladies Released in 1973. "Painted Ladies" was a Top 10 hit in Canada and a Top 40 hit in the USA, for Ian Thomas.
Party For Two Shania Twain party for two Released in 2004. "Party For Two" was the first single released from Shania Twain's Greatest Hits LP. It was an International Top 10 hit.
Partyitus Kings, (The) partyitus Released in 1980. "Partyitus" by the Kings, is as the title indicates: a party song! It's from their Gold selling debut LP: The Kings Are Here.
Patio Lanterns Kim Mitchell patio lanterns Released in 1986. "Patio Lanterns" which was a US Top 40 hit and a Canadian Top 20 hit, was released as a single before being included on Kim Mitchell's LP: Shakin' Like A Human Being.
Phasors On Stun FM FM Released in 1979. This Gold record became a top 20 hit in both Canada and the USA.
Photograph Nickelback photograph Released in 2005. "Photograph" from their LP: All The Right Reasons, was a # 1, International hit for Nickelback.
Picture My Face Teenage HEad picture my face Released in 1978. "Picture My Face" was Teenage Head's very first single. It's from their Gold-selling, self titled, debut LP.
Poor Poor Pitiful Me Terri Clark Poor Poor Pitiful Me Released in 1996. "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" reached #1 in Canada and was a Top 10 Hit in the USA for Terri Clark.
Pretty Song, (The) Muon Bluze pretty song Released in 2018. "The Pretty Song" by London Ontario musical artist Muon Bluze, is from his LP: Quintessence, and is currently the # 1 song on the Number One Music - Blues chart! The Canadian Music Collection congratulates Muon Bluze!
Promiscuous Nelly Furtado Promiscuous Released in 2006. "Promiscuous" won Best Pop Single Of The Year, was #1 in the USA and an International Hit!
Put Your Hand In The Hand Ocean put your hand Released in 1971. "Put Your Hand In The Hand" by Ocean, was a Gold-selling Top 10 hit in both Canada and the USA, selling over one million copies.
Raise A Little Hell Trooper Raise Released in 1978. Trooper certainly did "Raise A Little Hell" with this hit song in Canada and the USA.
Red Barchetta Rush red barchetta Released in 1981. "Red Barchetta" was a hit song by Rush, from their LP: Moving Pictures.
Red Hands Walk Off The Earth Red Hands Released in 2012. "Red Hands" was a 2x Platinum-selling Top 10 hit for Walk Off The Earth, from their LP: R.E.V.O.
Ringo Lorne Greene Ringo Released in 1964. "Ringo" by Lorne Greene was a # 1 hit song on the Canadian RPM Top Singles chart, and in the USA on the Billboard charts and Easy Listening chart.
Rise Up Parachute Club Rise Up Released in 1983. "Rise Up" was a huge hit for the Parachute Club, winning the 1984 Juno Award for Single Of The Year.
Riverboat Fantasy David Wilcox Riverboat Fantasy Released in 1983. "Riverboat Fantasy" was a hit song by David Wilcox, from his Gold-selling LP: When You Mistreet Her.
Rock You Helix rock you Released in 1984. "Rock You" was a Top 40 Hit for Helix, from their LP: Walkin' the Razor's Edge.
Rockin' In The Free World Neil Young Neil Young Released in 1989. "Rockin' In The Free World" was named as one of Rolling Stone Magazine's 'Greatest Songs Of All Time', and is from Neil Young's LP: Freedom.
Rodeo Song (The) Showdown rodeo song Released in 1980. Even though there's swearing in this song, "The Rodeo Song" by Garry Lee and the Showdown became a 2x Platinum selling hit single and a huge sing-a-long song.
Roxy Roller Sweeney Todd Roxy Roller Released in 1975. Sweeney Todd topped the charts for three weeks with "Roxy Roller".
Rude Magic! Rude Released in 2013. Originally released as a promotional single, "Rude" became an International, multi-Platinum, Top 10 hit for Magic!, and it won the 2014 Juno Award for Single Of The Year.
Running Back To Saskatoon Guess Who Running Back To Saskatoon Released in 1972. "Running Back To Saskatoon" was a Top 10 Hit for the Guess Who. This song was only recorded "live", there is no studio version available.

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