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This is a site dedicated to the recognition and promotion of some Great Canadian Music. Another song title will be added to this list daily. Song Title Archives will be updated weekly.
Everyone is encouraged to find and listen to these songs. Please purchase the ones that you like from a legal source. (iTunes links are provided via the CMC-facebook Group.)

The actual music files are not provided here. Any copyright and/or publishing rights owners of any of the material on this site (with proof of ownership), who want it removed, need only to ask via email.

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Canadian Music Collection News: " The SCOOP! "

Welcome! Welcome to the newly updated and revamped website for the Canadian Music Collection. Many new features and pages have be added, such as this News page. As more new pictures are added, duplicates will be replaced.
iTunes Links: Although iTunes links were provided via the CMC facbook Group, the process of adding those links to this website has now been completed.
Canadian Indie Music Welcome: The CMC has now added a Canadian Indie Music page to this website. Submissions are welcome! Via email, please include: (not to be published) your name, phone number, email address, and your (to be published) artist or band name, a picture, your city and province, webpage, fb page, etc., brief bio, up to 4 song titles, with links: iTunes and youtube, etc.
Please note that not all submissions may be published. Thanks!
Pop, Rock, Urban, Top 40, Country, Easy Listening, Reggae, Indie, Punk, Retro, it's all here!