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(written by: Bob Klein)

Hopefully after reading this section, you'll have a better understanding of DJs and their craft.
First of all, NO Disc Jockey is out to ruin your evening or event. Most common complaints simply turn out to be misunderstandings. Here's some statements and explanations:

"The music was too loud."
- How close to the speakers were you?
- Did the majority of guests seem uncomfortable with the volume?
- Did you politely ask the DJ to turn it down a bit?
- Perhaps the DJ was told to have it that loud!
- Most DJs know the proper volume for most functions and group sizes.

"The music was too quiet."
(Alright, some of you stop your laughing. DJs also get asked to turn it up!)
- How far away from the speakers were you?
- Was the DJ properly informed as to how many guests would be there, and how large the venue was?
- Did the purchaser book a large enough sound system?
- Was the DJ told to turn it down or keep it that quiet?
- Was the DJ using his/her own equipment?

"The DJ didn't play any or enough good songs."
(Some people don't seem to understand the phrase: 'different strokes for different folks'. That couldn't apply more than it does to music! Just go up and down your radio dial and listen. If everybody had the same taste in music, every station would play the same thing. DJs understand this and try to play something for everyone.)
- Was the DJ given a playlist from the purchaser or contracted to play a certain style of music?
- Were requests being played?
- Did you submit a song request?
- Were people dancing and/or having a good time?

"The DJ didn't play my request(s) right away."
- Maybe the DJ already had other requests to play before yours.
- Maybe your request(s) didn't have the right tempo/beat/subject matter/style for that moment.

"The DJ didn't play my request(s) at all."
- Was your request already played earlier?
- Was the DJ told what to or not to play by the purchaser?
- Were your requests appropriate?
- Was the DJ allowed to play requests?
- Was there enough time for all the requests to be played?
- Was your request so new that the DJ had no opportunity to obtain it yet?
- Were you requesting a "hit"?
- Perhaps, from experience, the DJ knew that your request would not be well received by the other guests.

"The DJ didn't talk enough or talked too much."
(Once again, different strokes...)
- Perhaps the purchaser told the DJ how much or how little talking to do.

(written by: Bob Klein)

Beware of hotels or banquet venues that take away your choice of DJ. If your hall or hotel "includes" the DJ and/or sound system in your reception package, ask if you can meet the DJ in advance for a conference on music. Also, is the DJ allowed to use his/her own sound system, lighting and effects. If this is not possible, avoid this hall or hotel for your reception. Most professional halls and caterers do not remove your choice of DJ for your reception and if they do, you have reason to ask why. House DJs are usually bad news with a very few exceptions, and not any bargain if their inexperience ruins your Wedding Reception, or other special event.
Find out if the venue will restrict the volume or type of music.

Ask about the beverage and food prices. (Nothing kills a party faster than high bar prices!!)
Ask about access!! Make sure that you'll be able to get in early to decorate! (Be specific about what time you'll be allowed access!) How early will the DJ be allowed to get in to set up the equipment.
Ask if they have a working sound system & microphone for speeches! (Never assume that every venue does!)
Ask if they're able to & will allow Background or Dinner music to be played through their system. (Once again, never assume.)
Most important of all: GET THESE ANSWERS IN WRITING!!!

Don't be alarmed, most venue managers & staff are easy to deal with.

(written by: Bob Klein)

What price is the right price? That is the question.
Does a high price mean a good job or are you simply being overcharged? Does a low price mean a bargain or does it indicate a low quality performance?
At some point, a low price should cause concern. When comparing DJ prices and deals between companies, it's important to make sure that the product will be the same or similar, for example: same amount of time, similar sound system, with or without lighting, fog and/or bubbles. Some companies will state "x" amount of "FREE" music time, but is it really free or has it already been included in their pricing? Because one Wedding Reception can be so different than another, my company: At Your Request, gives you the option to build your own entertainment package. Every so often, someone will come along and advertise that they'll beat anyone's price. Hmmm? Some people choose to try to be their own DJ or get a buddy to do it. It's a gamble! It might work, but it might not. Do you really want to take that chance?
A saying that some use is "you get what you pay for". Is that really true? If a company or individual charges the most, does that automatically mean it'll be the best show? Of course not. The quality of the equipment, the DJ, the songs and the order in which those songs are played determine whether it's a good performance or not.
Pricing varies not only from company to company, but also from city to city.
Some couples want a long seven or eight hour reception while others prefer a shorter four or five hour reception. What sense does it make for a couple to hire a DJ that charges for the full evening when they want a short reception? So, it's important to do your homework. That being said, be careful of the over pushy ones who try to bully or scare you into signing with them without giving you an opportunity to shop around.
Things to consider...
Is their pricing posted on the internet and easy to find? How much information do they have in print? Do they have legal documentation? Do they use a contract and issue receipts? Can or will they answer your questions? Are they experienced and able to offer advice if you wish? What about music selections? Ask if they have your special and favorite songs.

Whether you choose to hire "At Your Request" (tm) Disc Jockey Services or not, Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your event.

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