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i've been everywhere "I've Been Everywhere"
by: Hank Snow

Released in 1962. Hank Snow's version of "I've Been Everywhere" was a # 1 Hit Song!

* This Canadian Music Collection was created on January 1, 2018. During that first year, 365 songs by well over 200 Canadian bands and individual artists were added, and there's many more yet to be added. A CMC fb-group was created, which features the daily updates, and a CMC fb-page is in the works. Featured during 2018 was a "London Ontario" week.

Besides more songs being added in 2019, a "Listing by Artist" feature will be created, and some other ideas are being considered.


Downtown Came Uptown David Wilcox downtown came uptown Released in 1983. "Downtown Came Uptown" was a hit single by David Wilcox. It's from his LP: My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble.
Here Comes The Night Streetheart Here Comes The Night Released in 1979. Streetheart's cover version of "Here Comes The Night", originally recorded by Them featuring Van Morrison, was a hit song in Canada. It's from their LP: Under Heaven Over Hell.
I've Been Everywhere Hank Snow I've been everywhere Released in 1962. Hank Snow's version of "I've Been Everywhere" was a # 1 Hit Song!

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